American Troops

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80 Division, 318th Infantry Regiment, A.E.F.
80 Division
318th Infantry Regiment, A.E.F.

26th Division, 102nd Infantry Regiment, Company E
26th Division
102nd Infantry Regiment
Company E

27th division, 107th Infantry Regiment, Co. A
27th division
107th Infantry Regiment
Company A

29th Division AEF
29th Division
116th Infantry
Headquarters Company, A.E.F.

33rd Division A.E.F.
33rd Division A.E.F.

5th Marine Regiment, 67th CO., 2nd Division
5th Marine Regiment
67th Company
2nd Division

6th Marines, 78th CO.
6th Marines
78th Company

42nd "Rainbow" Division
Headquarters Company
165th Infantry (69th NYNG), A.E.F.

372é R.I.U.S.The Red Hand
372é R.I.U.S., 157é D.I.
(372nd Infantry, 93rd Division, A.E.F.
Colored 372nd RIUS 157th
[The RedHand])

28th Division, 109th Infantry, Co. L
28th Division
109th Infantry
Company L

Salvation Army
Salvation Army